Lavender Doo Drops- All Natural Toilet Odor Eliminating Tablet/ Single

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Sharing a bathroom, whether at home or the office, can be a source of anxiety and embarrassment for anyone who must go number 2. In the past people used dangerous candles and aerosols to fumigate the restroom or messy/oily spray bottles that only work half the time. It’s time to upgrade to the all-new Doo Drop tablet, the mess and hassle-free way to eliminate unwanted and obnoxious toilet odors. Use a Doo Drop today, your family will thank you tomorrow.     

Whether you have a business, hotel, or you just like them individually wrapped, each Lavender Doo Drop Single is conveniently packaged in a an easy tear foil packet that ensures no mess or leaks. Simply drop one into the toilet, let it fizz before you do your biz and the little tablet will trap unwanted smells beneath the surface of the water.

NO Leaks
Easy to use
Non Toxic
NO liquids during travel

(Qty. 1 per packet)



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