Coming Soon- Doo Drops Singles- Toilet Odor Eliminating Tablet / Single

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Whether you have a business, hotel, or you just like them individually wrapped, each Doo Drop Single is conveniently packaged in a an easy tear foil packet that ensures no mess or leaks. Simply drop one into the toilet, let it fizz before you do your biz and the little tablet will trap unwanted smells beneath the surface of the water.

Directions: Simply drop one tablet into the toilet bowl, let it fizz and release a safe, non toxic barrier to lock in unwanted smells. You DO NOT have to wait, just drop it in, while you go it's working. 

While you go it continues to work, and when you're done, simply flush and leave the bathroom smelling great for the next person and no trace of your smelly deeds. You don't have to worry about oil build up in your toilet either like sprays.

No Leaks
Easy to Use
Non Toxic
Septic Safe
No waiting, just drop & go

✓ No formaldehyde
✓ No phosphates
✓ No animal testing
✓ 100% natural fragrances

(Qty. 1 per packet) 1 Use