About Us

     The idea of Doo Drops happened in 2016 when my sister religiously carried a poop spray with her in her purse for fear of pooping in public with nothing to conceal it. While she was at the Dentist office, duty called and she went to the bathroom and realized that the bottle leaked out all over her purse and ruined it, along with everything inside!
     When she came out, a dental assistant was waiting, unfortunately going into a fog of poop odor. Later that day she told me about this and was off to buy another purse. After explaining this to a coworker, we decided a tablet was necessary and so we went to work on it, thus creating… The Doo Drop!
     A no mess dry tablet that conceals and is easy to use and carry, made of non toxic ingredients so you can feel good about smelling good. 

Doo Drops Inc. works everyday to ensure our products are environmentally safe, non-toxic and comply with federal and state standards. Doo Drops is always looking to improve and create new ways to make our environment cleaner and healthier for generations to come. 

Our natural resources, parks, rivers, lakes and oceans are under the constant threat of contamination. Careless waste removal practices have damaged certain landscapes and bodies of water around the world. Doo Drops is aware of the increasing problem of landfills and the mishandling of waste. We are engaged in sensible and responsible practices to help combat the issue of global warming, water waste, and polluted air. 

Doo Drops Inc. is committed to doing our part in making a safer and healthier world for all of us. Doo Drops are formulated to be environmentally safe and our containers and packaging meet the EPA's recommended recycling requirements. 

Join us in making the world a safer and healthier place.